About Us

The Company

AL SUNAWBAR UNITED ENTERPRISES, is a quality conscious, dependable, performance oriented and professionally managed Business Group, controlled and owned by a prominent and highly respected business family of the Sultanate of Oman. Al Sunawbar is recognized and known for its result oriented, formidability, flexible, customer friendly approach with solutions and focused activities with set goals and ideals, catering to the ever-increasing demand for specialty building finishing and allied products and services in the field of Construction and construction related trading and associated services, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Infrastructure Segments, Tourism and Leisure, and other burgeoning industries of the Sultanate of Oman.

Through far sighted strategies and prudent policies, taking into consideration the strength and the weaknesses of the local economy, the diverse operations of our organisation are well balanced to suit the market requirements in all spheres of Trade and Commerce. A lot of emphasis is given to personnel development as well as selection, with functional responsibilities assigned to dynamic persons of caliber and strength in terms of experience, expertise, academic and personal background.

The Vision

The operations of the company in each segment of its presence is to fill in the existing vacuum and meet the ever increasing quality conscious demands and the high expectation of versatility, customer friendly approach with commitment and focus in catering to the above mentioned segments. Within a very short span of time, the company has achieved good success so far in pursuing these paths. Our product selection and deployment of qualified personnel on the doctrine of “the Right Man for the Right Job” and defining of each individual’s responsibility with set goals and targets, are bringing in the kind of results the management has set its vision on. Our group has surpassed the older system of business administration and has focused more on the modern and Hi-tech outlook, keeping in mind the high demands, swift, decisive and action oriented presence and approach to the demanding environment of the modern day. This has given our company the reputation of proving to be a dependable and quality supplies and support services system, within the industries that we are involved.

Infra-structure and Financial Strength

The Company has excellent infra-structure facilities and support due to its specific ownership nature. Distribution facilities are instant with a large fleet and other sources of transportation available within our own system which enables Al Sunawbar to be effective and efficient with its supply and services commitment to our large client base throughout the length and breadth of the Sultanate. Modern storage facilities covering an area in excess of 10000 square meters, with a mechanized inventory and material handling systems form the bane of our sleek stores department and transportation department.

The sound and healthy financial position coupled with astute marketing acumen and the discipline of the persons behind this institution is well known and a force to reckon with.

Administration and Personnel

Al Sunawbar enlists in its rolls knowledgeable and qualified business executives to run their varied responsibilities. We possess the best talents in the industry, with highly skilled and overseas trained technicians for the specialist application of the products and services, which we undertake to market in this part of the world. In compliance to the country’s requirements, the personnel involved are a mixture of nationalities consisting locals and expatriates.

Finance and Stores

Our finance, stores and other back-up support departments are also manned by highly qualified and experienced personnel for its varied functions and responsibilities, backed by the ‘State of the Art’ office automation systems for timely and optimum competency and efficacy. Computerized presentation through Auto-cad design support from our Design department is an added advantage.

Audit and Controls

Internal Audit and other statutory external checks are conducted by consultants of the highest class and respect in the country.

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Manager – Sales & Projects

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Executive – Sales

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